How to Segment Your Data and Why Your Data is GOLD

Written by Doug Puccetti & Ashley Mazurek Let’s be honest, most businesses are completely unaware of the goldmine right at their fingertips. This untapped potential shines new light on leads and prospects, tracks down unique consumer buying processes, and helps uncover trends to increase sales. By reading the title of this post you probably already know the goldmine I’m referring to… You guessed it: data. These days, companies collect data for many reasons. It can be used to track leads, find out which products are hot on the market, and decide how to expand their target audience. Data is so … Read More

The Key to Survival in the Commercial Furniture Industry

Written by Noah Berk & Ashley Mazurek The amount of furniture stores I pass on my way to work every morning is almost alarming. Their windows are littered with signage claiming the lowest prices, highest quality, and best customer service in the industry. But a few months later, those signs will be replaced with ones that say 70%-90% off, everything must go, and closing sales. It makes me wonder what differences there must be between the stores that go out of business quickly to the ones that have been around for a long time, especially when they both seem to … Read More

How to Cross-Sell Your Customers

Written by Ashley Mazurek If you are looking to expand your consumer base, cross selling needs to become a part of your business strategy. Consumers’ reliance on digital discovery when looking for a product or service is growing, so companies with a strong digital presence are at an advantage. But for non digital companies, the competition makes it difficult to generate brand awareness. This rise of competition in the digital marketplace makes acquiring new prospects challenging, but cross selling is a proven way to build a solid sales pipeline. In the most basic sense, cross selling is reaching out to … Read More

The Single Channel Fallacy of Commercial Printers

Written by Ashley Mazurek Relying on one channel for communication is never a good idea, regardless of what industry you’re in. For commercial printers, this is an issue many struggle with. The convenience and familiarity of direct mail leaves many printing companies reluctant to embark on a digital outreach campaign. We live in a hybrid world. Analog and Digital actually play nice and share their toys, despite what many will say. If you ignore either one, you’re losing out on a huge portion of your prospective clients. And your brand goes absolutely nowhere. A direct mail piece is essentially an … Read More

6 Tips Every B2B Company Should follow to Re-Engage With Their Customers

Written by Rob Guinn If you’re like most companies, your primary focus is on new sales. What you’re missing is a huge opportunity to acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost of a new sale. Re-Engagement campaigns are the single best way to build your sales funnel with minimal time and investment. 1. Engage with Previous Customers – Most B2B companies have a list sitting around with customers from 5 years ago that had a great experience but didn’t end up needing the service or product after the initial purchase. This list is an easy target for a … Read More

Why you shouldn’t send cold emails from your marketing automation system

Written by Brian Lieberman You want to hit the ground running with your new marketing automation system. You can’t wait to get started, to get those fresh leads in, to spread the good word. You’ve got heart, kid. But make sure you cover your bases before you start sending emails. The hard truth about cold emailing through your marketing automation system is that most people just don’t want to get your shiny new emails. They think it’s not relevant to their interests, a waste of their time, spam. That’s a hard pill to swallow. You just want to get your … Read More

Crafting Successful Research for your Outreach Campaign

Written by Dylan Ratcliffe You have started to plot a course towards an email outreach campaign, but you need to figure out who you’re contacting before you can start generating leads. Quality research is crucial for a successful campaign, and targeted research can give your outreach the boost in effectiveness needed to propel you towards success. But what is targeted research? It’s simply the process of identifying which businesses would be most receptive to your outreach campaign, through analysis of your product or service and the demands of the market. Starting research for your campaign may seem intimidating, but it … Read More

Account-based sales and marketing and why you need it

Written by Brian Lieberman There’s a large gap between sales and marketing that’s becoming more and more apparent every year. Marketers are distinctly focused on the top of your sales funnel, specializing in the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer’s journey. Their content excels in drawing people in, but typically it’s a catch-all approach. Salespeople, on the other hand, are chiefly concerned with the bottom of your sales funnel. They’re great at personally closing deals and turning warm leads into happy customers — but they can’t be everywhere at once. We wont argue both roles are the lifeblood of … Read More

Starting an Email Outreach Campaign – Setting Goals and Managing Expectations

Written by Brian Lieberman So you’re looking to do a cold outreach campaign, but you don’t know exactly where to start. It’s a daunting task if you’re just setting forth into the wide world of outbound email, but don’t worry, it’s manageable, and really quite simple. Start small. Divide your large project into small, simple steps, and nothing will seem impossible. So what’s step one then? Setting realistic and attainable goals for your first campaign will be the foundation of your entire outreach process — and by extension, your entire sales and marketing strategy going forward. The first thing to … Read More