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Our Mission? Accelerating Your Revenue

Our focus at OutboundOps is an all-in-one sales solution that generates leads, secures buyers, and drives revenue.

We combine our knowledge of technology solutions with a progressive approach to prospecting through advanced sales automation programs, outbound-emailing, social selling, and tele-based outreach in order to bring you qualified leads and pipeline growth.

Best thing? Our commitment to providing top-tier consulting and sales generation is guaranteed through our pay per performance model.

Why do things the hard way?

  • You tell us what types of clients you want. We work with you to develop a comprehensive sales program aimed at your target market.
  • We identify the most relevant segments of the market through our expert research team & build robust profiles for each prospect.
  • Our team crafts a tailored campaign for you and your business through a mix of cold-email, LinkedIn, direct mail & tele-based sales.
  • Prospects respond, we qualify leads and organize the data.
  • Our sales development reps continue to nurture and set appointments.
  • Fill your calendar with qualified appointments.

I was floored by the results of our first campaign!

We literally received more qualified leads than we could handle. Within the first month of starting our campaign, we have already closed 3 deals and our pipeline is 78% larger than it has ever been.


  1. Align & Discover

    With a "meeting of the minds," we help you get comfortable with the process; you help us understand your business & the types of clients you want.

  2. Targeted Prospecting

    We unleash an army, or experienced business-savvy researchers, to identify companies & buyers that match your ideal customer profile perfectly.

  3. Thoughtful Messaging

    Our direct-response copywriters dive deep into the mind of your buyers & come out with personalized messages that compel prospects to ACT!

  4. Stories & Sequences

    Buying is emotional & well-timed stories sell. We take the BIG idea, break it down into digestible chunks & deliver it to your prospects at just the right time.

  5. Hot Opportunities!

    The best part? We manage responses from your campaigns in real-time & schedule appointments on your behalf.

  6. Accountability Reporting

    We're all about tangible business results. You’ll have to access to our client portal that contains metrics you care about & the insights you need to know.


Noah Berk

Co-Founder / Sales

At Work: Noah is the big-thinker, the innovator & the guy behind the prospecting magic. He has over 12 years of B2B sales experience ranging from startups to large enterprises. His favorite thing to say around the office is, “What’s the BHAG guys?!” At Home:  Noah dabbles in horticulture, enjoys tennis, travel and is a HUGE Ravens fan.

Noah Berk

Rob Guinn

Co-Founder / Technology

At Work: Rob is the guy who quietly makes miracles happen without breaking a sweat. He earned his chops at a Google Venture-backed Startup that raised over $100 million, where he was deemed a “Growth Hacker” for repeatedly demonstrating excellence in technology & operations. At Home: Rob travels, hangs out with his dog & cooks up some mean eats.

Rob Guinn

Chris Mechanic

Co-Founder / Strategy

At Work: Chris is the guy that crafts the clever copy. He’s also co-founder at WebMechanix & has been a catalyst of explosive growth for dozens of B2B companies. At Home: Chris likes reading, hanging out with his lovely family & looking for a chili recipe that will beat Rob’s.

Chris Mechanic

Arsham Mirshah

Co-Founder / Operations

At Work: Arsham is the glue that unites the company from marketing, development, and administration.  He’s also co-founder at WebMechanix, an award winning digital marketing agency. At Home:  Arsham enjoys an active lifestyle filled with travel, skiing, tennis and the occasional video game.

Arsham Mirshah

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